Hey, I'm Nathan

I'm a web designer and software developer based in Austin, Texas. I'm twenty years old and a second-year Computer Science major at the University of Texas. I have a passion for creating beautiful, innovative, responsive websites and user-friendly applications. I started programming when I was thirteen; finding new ways to challenge myself and learn new concepts. Over the years, I've been exposed to adverse programming challenges and developed programs in numerous languages.

Simplicity is superior. I find beauty in the small things and try to emphasize the subtleties that make a huge difference in appearance. In early 2013, I built an integration tool that seamlessly connects a popular DJ controller and the most popular DJing software in the world. It enables Plug-and-Play capabilities and full control over the music with easy to use effects: all on a low-cost platform. This tool is the future of hands on control of music and is the start of something very powerful that is on the horizon for electronic musicians.

Last summer I interned with Elevate as an Application Development Intern. In my free time I enjoy watching movies, kayaking, Brazilian jiu-jistu, and going on adventures with my girlfriend, Ilsa. I'm a music, film, and video game fanatic, and I design websites and applications as both a hobby and a career. I'm currently pursuing certifications in Information Security and Mobile Computing from the University of Texas along with my undergraduate program. I'm currently studying object-oriented programming, network security, and wireless networks.

This is what I do

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TrakPad DJ Integration Tool
RISE Dashboard Customer Statistics
Password Generator Creates pseudo-random passwords
Password Cracker Cracks Passwords offline
AES-128 Encryption Encryption Algorithm
Steganography Hide messages within images
Old Portfolio Web Design
MyPartyFast Magento eCommerce

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